The Stubero Difference

We have high standards. As do you.

You want something special. That´s why you drive a Premium Company Car. And why you deserve en equally special service. Precise, professional and dynamic. And above all: tailored to your exact requirements. Typically Stubero.

Service & Stubero Genuine Parts

All for One: your Perfect Premium Company Car.

Whether classic or modern, series vehicle or GT model. we´ll do our utmost for your Premium Company Car - for its maintenance, upkeep an repair. And, thanks to Stubero Genuine Parts, you can be sure that your original will stay just that.


Pick-up and delivery service at your home

Don't have much time? We have plenty.

Even though you love driving your Premium Company Car yourself, if you don´t have time to bring it tu us, we´ll collect it from you - from wherever you like - and then deliver it back again. Moe information is available from your Stubero centre.

Vehicle information

The better you understand your Perfect Premium Company Car, the more you´ll appreciate it.

Do you want to strengthen your relationship with your Premium Company Car? study its special features? Right down to the smallest detail? For those that do we´ve collated all the relevant information and documents about your Premium Company Car here for you.

Stubero Warranty Information

  • For every service car as standard up to 5 years *: the guarantee.
  • Maintenance plans for your vehicle: For an overview of the service intervals applicable to your service vehicle, please refer to the "Warranty and Maintenance" brochure in the vehicle data sheet of your vehicle.
  • Tire releases for your Premium Company Car: You do not let everyone steer your car.

*(Individual combinations of running time and running performance for up to three years after the expiry of the manufacturing guarantee with a maximum total running capacity of 150,000 km)